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CERT Assist with Missing Child
December 16-17, 2011: Search & Recue trained CERT members assisted the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office and numerous other agencies in the search for missing 21-month old Jason Burton.  During this activation, the CERT Rehab and Search & Rescue Divisions of CERT were activated.  The following CERT members responded: Dana Ballew, Paul Barriage, Brian Brown, Ted Button, Wendell Button, Arif Chaudhary, Charlie Danielson, Jackie Danielson, Teresa Foster, Bob Grudzien, Barbara Grudzien, Tim Jamison, Jerry Lacock, James Lockaby, Robert McKee, Christina Peeler, John Peeler, Eric Peterson, Debbie Tate, Mike Tate, Beverly Tonkovic, Robin Tonkovic, and David Wilson.  In addition to our great volunteers, we would like to thank the numerous businesses/restaurants that also assisted.


We cannot thank the following restaurants/businesses enough for their support: Bi-Lo (Woodruff), Broncos (Woodruff), Burger King (Woodruff), COSTCO (Spartanburg), Dollar General (Woodruff), Hardees (Cross Anchor and Cedar Springs), Little Caesars (Woodruff), and Pizza Hut (Woodruff).  Without their support we could have not kept everyone hydrated and fed during this activation.


Once again, thank you to everyone who came out and/or donate towards the cause.  At the end, the missing child was found.  To get a better timeline about this event, feel free to click on the links below:



CERT Holiday Bash Recognizes Volunteers
December 15, 2011: The 7th Annual CERT Holiday Bash was a festive and somber event.  With the passing of my mother and Mary McAbee, it was somewhat different but Mike Tate took moment to acknowledge both losses to the CERT family.  In addition, prior to the event, we had numerous CERT members coming together to make this the most organized and well decorated event ever.  Those CERT members were: Matt Andrews (sound), Chantella Crosby, Jason Ford, Barbara Grudzien, Doug Nissley, Debbie Tate, Mike Tate, and Marge Woodruff.  In addition to the volunteers getting it together, we also had the support of the following local businesses: Piccadilly, Ryans, COSTCO, Red Lobster, Big Daddy Hawgs, Little Caesars, and Golden Corral.  Following the meal, the following volunteers were acknowledged:


  • CERT Volunteer of the Year - Robert Grudzien

  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Marge Woodruff

  • CERT Appreciation - Doug Bryson

  • CERT Instructor of the Year - Barbara Grudzien

  • CERT Instructor of the Year - William Leeder

  • Rookies of the Year - Gary & Beth Titcomb

  • Teen CERT Volunteer of the Year - Robin Tonkovic

  • CERT Media Award - Doug Nissley

  • CERT Promoter of the Year - Barbara Daniels

  • CERT Service Award 

  • Tony Craig

  • Cherise Crosby

  • Charlie and Jackie Danielson

  • Samuel Etheredge

  • Teresa Foster

  • Dana Leeder

  • Richard McAbee

  • Robert McKee

  • Eric Peterson

  • Beverly Tonkovic

Following the awards, numerous volunteers helped breakdown and the gifts we took up for 8 children this Christmas were sorted.  Doug Nissley took gifts to the 4 kids from the Middle Tyger Area while I took the remaining gifts to a family in Boiling Springs (via Upstate Family Resource Center).  We hope that 2012 can even be more successful for the Spartanburg County CERT Team.

CERT Assists with Missing Person Search
November 6, 2011:   According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Jones Dula, 61, reported that his wife, Sharon Reese Dula, 45, left their home on McSwain Road about 8 p.m. Saturday and didn’t return home.  The following day, SCSARDA and Spartanburg County CERT responded.  Those who responded with CERT were: Paul Barriage, Bill Bomar, Barbara Grudzien,  Matt Andrews, Ted Button, Teresa Foster, Bob Grudzien, Tim Jamison, Eric Peterson, Debbie Tate, Mike Tate, Beverly Tonkovic, Robin Tonkovic, Dave Walters, David Wilson, and Tammy Wilson.  While we were unable to locate the missing person we later found out she wasn't in the area to be found.  She was found at a nearby NC Hospital.  To learn more about this incident, feel free to visit the links below.


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CERT Responds to Haven Apartment Fire

October 15, 2011: The Spartanburg County CERT Rehab Unit responded to the Haven Apartment Fire on 10/15/2011.  Our job was to hydrate and nourish first responders on-scene.  A special thanks to Arby's (Duncan), Bojangles (Duncan), Clock Restaurant (Duncan), COSTCO, Firehouse (Duncan), McDonalds (Duncan), Pizza Inn (Duncan), Publix (Duncan), and Zaxby's (Duncan).  In addition a special thanks to our volunteers.



For this activation, the following CERT Rehab volunteers responded: Christie Cheatham, Jackie Danielson, Barbara Grudzien, Doug Nissley, and Teresa Foster.   Without the support of our community partners and volunteers, we could not offer this service throughout the community.


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CERT Back to Basics

October 13, 2011:  For the first time in a long time the Spartanburg County CERT program practiced only Basic CERT skills in a full scale exercise based at the Emergency Services Academy.  This was a great training experience for those who chose to participate.  For those who could not attend, pictures from this event will be posted on our Facebook and Flickr pages.



CERT Participates in CEPD 2011
September 10, 2011:  More than 20 CERT volunteers assisted with setting up, participating, and tearing down  for the 2011 Community Emergency Preparedness Day.  An event that gets bigger and better every year, this years event started with an opening ceremony and witnessed steady traffic throughout the day.  With September being Emergency Preparedness Month, this has become an annual tradition.  We hope we can continue to foster our working relationships with such great agencies/businesses as Westgate Mall, ServPro, Service Master, Batteries Plus, Spartanburg Regional, Red Cross, SCSARDA, EMS, City Fire, Count Fire, Public Safety, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, NWS, SCEMD, Coroners Office, Fire Marshal's Office, and many more in the years ahead. For those who could not attend, pictures from this event will be posted on our Facebook and Flickr pages.
CERT Helps with Donation Center
May 11 - 14, 2011: The collection drive was a joint effort of Spartanburg County CERT, Restoration Church in Spartanburg and the Marshall Tucker Band.  The drive began Wednesday, May 11 and ran through Saturday, May 14, 2011. Overall, a truckload of donations were sent to Alabama.  To learn more, visit the related links below:


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CERT Activated for Missing Person

The Spartanburg County CERT Rehab and Search & Rescue units were called out for a missing person on May 4, 2011.  Fortunately, 77-year-old Shirley Ballenger was found in a room off a carport at a home near where Ballenger has been living.  For more information, feel free to view the related links:







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CERT's Bob Grudzien - 2011 SCEMA Volunteer of the Year
Our own Bob Grudzien was awarded the 2011 Volunteer of the Year award by the South Carolina Emergency Management Association.  This is a huge accomplishment and we can't thank Bob enough for all that he does and means to this program.  There is truly no way to verbalize what he and his family mean to us.  Without him and his family, this program would not be where it is today.  We are very thankful for the Grudzien's and we're thrilled that Bob's accomplishments were acknowledged at the State level. 



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