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CERT Holiday Bash

2 CERT SAR Activations in 2 Days

On 10/21 and 10/22 the Spartanburg County CERT SAR Team was activated.  The 10/21 activation was cancelled fairly quickly as the person was found shortly after the notification while the 10/22 activation had us in Inman for several hours that night into Tuesday morning.  Both persons were safely found. 


GSP Full Scale Exercise


Basic CERT Class - 9/18/12


CERT Summer Bash


3 CERT Activations in 3 Weeks

June 22, June 30, and July 6 2012 : The Spartanburg County CERT Team was activated for the following incidents:

  • Leigh Fibers - 6/22-6/23 - Support Services

  • Cooling Station - 6/30-7/1 - Support Services

  • Butte Knit Fire - 7/6-7/8 - Support Services

A very special thanks to everyone who responded to these incidents.  Also, a very special thanks to the restaurants/businesses who donated food to the Butte Knit Fire responders: Bojangles, Carolina Barbeque, Dollar General, Dominoes, Hardees, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and QT.  To learn more about these events, feel free to visit the related links below:


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CERT Assist with Shelter Activation

February 22, 2012 : Following a fire at Archibald Rutledge Apartments, the Red Cross opened up a shelter for displaces residents.  During this activation, CERT was asked to assist.  We're very thankful for the Red Cross and the services they provided.  During this activation, the following CERT members assisted:

  • Wendell Button

  • Barbara Grudzien

  • Elaine Gutierrez

  • Jorge Gutierrez

  • Danny Watkins

Overall, everyone one was every pleased with this experience.  If you wish to see pictures from the activation, check out our Facebook.  To learn more about the event, click on the related links below:


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February 21, 2012: As always, we can't thank Restoration Church enough for letting us have our CERT class at their wonderful facility.  To start the year off, we could not have asked for a better scenario.  We had an enthusiastic class and great CERT Instructors/Volunteers.  During this class, we would like to thank the following CERT members for their assistance: Cherise Crosby, Sam Etheredge, Barbara Grudzien, Bob Grudzien, Tim Jamison, Bill Leeder, Debbie Tate and Mike Tate.  To see a list of those who graduated from the class, visit the Graduates link on the top left or click here: CERT Graduates


CERT Assist with Heros5k Run

February 4, 2012 :

On February 4th, CERT provided Communications for the Heros5k run.  The following CERT members either provided communications or ran/walked in the event:



  1. Matt Andrews
  2. Ted Button
  3. Wendell Button
  4. Cherise Crosby
  5. Bob Grudzien
  6. Barbara Grudzien
  7. Joel Livesay
  8. Robert Mckee
  9. Jim Wallace


  1. LJ Corsby
  2. Jason Ford
  3. Denise Ford
  4. Sam Etheredge
  5. Robbie Swofford

To check out photos taken during the event, check out our facebook page.  More links regarding this event are below:


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