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With a grand total of 1228 citizens trained at the end of 2016, Spartanburg CERT entered 2017 with a desire to increase our Basic CERT class offerings.  We started with a bang, hosting back to back classes at High Point Academy.  So far, we've hosted 6 classes, with 80 graduating.  Overall, 1308 have graduated the CERT program





Graduating Classes
Class 63- February 9, 2017

Andreau Green, John Hurley, Christy Junkins, Kevin King, Lindey Leonard, Kevin Mason, Shanya McClintock, Kacia Ramasar, Kacian Ramasar, Bailey Pizor, Jordan Ruppe, Skylar Savage, Eirini Tsabunieris, and Vasillia Tsabunieris

Class 64 - February 9, 2017

Noel Adams, Carol Ann Birtcil, Michelle Campos, Daryl Goodwin, Charlie Hanna, Lisa Jenkins, David Mettler, Denis Seay,  Justin Seay, Mitch Turner, Laura Turner, and Brianna Williamson

Class 65 - May 9, 2017
Cole Belue, Hannah Canford, Blake Clawson, Alexander Clawson, Paul Furtick, Marcia Gibson, Kelly Johnson, Aurora King, Kent Nillson, Sarah Martin, Kayleigh Slaughter
Class 66 - May 29, 2017
Jessica Baker, Brittany Beach, Christopher Blanchard, Michael Horvath, Emori Holland, Chalres Linder, Emily McBine, Payden Reynolds, Stephanie Smith and Bryant Thompspn
Class 67 - June 9, 2017
Alisha Anderson, Kenny Bryant, Justin Gillian, Safaria Hackett, Harley Knight, Andre Miller, Kailey Owens, Justin Rice, Adela Santillan, Jada Young
Class 68 - June 22, 2017
Charles Alexander, Ann Brannan, Jay Brown, Nancy Brown, Fran Burgess, Sarah Burnett, Cathy Corona, Jose Corona, Chuck Dixon, Pam Hughey, Bridgett Jennings, Candice Jones, Erika Kilmer, Tommie Jo McAbee, Pam Murfin, Kristi Parnell, and Kris Talanges
Online Graduates/Transfers
David Brown, Zac Chastain, Kyle McKittrick, Adam Rinehart


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