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With a grand total of 1163 citizens trained at the end of 2015, Spartanburg CERT enters 2016 with a drive to sustain when we have but focus on Advanced CERT as we strive to establsih our 5 division approach.  Therefore, for 2016, 65 completed CERT trainig brining our total to 1228.





Graduating Classes
Class 59- March 26, 2016 Campus CERT

Lori Aument, Brittany Ballanger, Stephanie Balding, Cieria Blackwell, Tanesha Booker, Kita Boyd, Shawna Burke, Angela Byars, Angela Byars, Syndi Byers, Starr Carroll, Heather Childers, Alla Chukhanenko, Danielle Ellenburg, Marina Gergi,  Tylisha Gory, Minique Guilford, Emily Hammerbeck, Taylor Hirsch, Eric Jones, Paulette Johnson, Holly LeCroy, Brandi Lindsey, Christina Lotze, Tanisha Macon, Kayla Maynor, Tieraney McCollum, Devora Medvedeva, Sharon Miller, Heather Mills, Autumn Millwood, Leticia Perez, Marcia Phillips, Katy Ponder, Yulia Prikhodko, Morgan Robinson, Whitney Sanford, Roxana Siboran, Jackie Tovar, Lauri Vanderford, Aaron Webb, and Anna Zubenco    

Class 60- April 26, 2016 - Achieve Class

Kody Butler, Lindsay Guyton, Hunter Jones, Korey Nelon

Class 61- June 9, 2016 - Youth Stop Class
Kody Butler, Victor Douglas, Bruce Foster, Tatyana Miller, Isiah Ownes, Justin Parks, Toriano Smith, Dr. Patrick Suber, and Chandler Thomas
Class 62- October 19, 2016 - Achieve Class
Cole Belue, Isaiah Elmore, Mykerria Peeler, Garrett Poole, and Anthony Stevens,


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