CERT Alumni

In 2005 the Spartanburg County CERT program started with a great inaugural class.  Of the 13 in this class, 10 are active in the CERT program.  The first ever class was taught by Sgt Ted Beaty and several who completed the first course became CERT's initial core of instructors.  Following the first class were two other great classes.  By the end of 2005, Spartanburg CERT was off to a great start with 42 citizens trained.



Graduating Classes

Class 1- August 27, 2005

Steve Brown, Doug Cartee, Arif Chaudhary, James Dorsey Jr, Amber Grudzien, Barbara Grudzien, Ben Grudzien, Beverly Grudzien, Bob Grudzien, Bryan Grudzien, Bruce Hurry, Kathy Hurry, and Dayle Lewis.

Class 2- October 22, 2005

Bill Adamson, Wendy Fleming Bailey, Philip Blanton, Russel Evans Sr., Patricia Evans, Dickie Fleming, Charles Ficklin (In Iraq), Holly Mitchem, Trish Shields, Lyn Smith, Eddie Speed, Robbie Swofford, Merleh Whistenant, William Wilkins, and Shirley Williams 

Class 3- November 19, 2005

William Culver, Gerald Emory, Laura Gregory (moved), Robert Harris, Willie Jones, John Marro, Mary McAbee, Richard McAbee, Gloria Mondonedo, Beth Rogers, Curtis Smith, DeWayne Wilkerson (moved), Simeon Wright, and Stephanie Wright


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